Key features

The Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal incorporates innovative features and advanced technology systems to ensure efficiency, reliability and visibility, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

The fully-automated Materials Handling System (MHS) is the backbone of CPCT, ensuring efficient cargo movement and activities across the seven-storey air cargo terminal. The installation of an Uninterrupted Power Supply ensures 99.9% system reliability; and specially designed routing logic enables system availability under all circumstances.

100% CCTV coverage with more than 400 CCTV HD cameras installed to support remote monitoring and fault fixing as required, minimising system downtime.



Container Handling System (CHS)

The fully automated CHS is designed with strategic combinations and use of 31 hoists and 18 elevated transfer vehicles, offering more than 2,400 storage positions for facilitating the fast movement of unit load devices (ULDs).

Bulk Handling System (BHS)

          BHS provides 4,200 storage positions for bulk cargo. The system is                   linked with the Examination Hall of Hong Kong Custom and Excise                      Department faclitation govemment inspection.